About Losa Fashion's Products


As you can see the pages http://losafashion.blogspot.com/p/about-us.html , we are students from Mara Professional College, Seri Iskandar. We have been assigned to promote our products especially on internet. So that, we want to detailed about our products. The products we focused on women outfit but still remain the elegant and muslimah appearance.

Here as you can see, we have Jubah that suit to worn everywhere such as attend wedding, attend the corporate event, even attend class for those who studied. The price is depends on every single sewing. Beside, most Jubah have manic so that the price expensive than others Jubah. For example, we have Jubah Cintaku and Superior Diamond which is RM 150 and RM 120 each. 

Not only that, we have selling the women blouse, which is Peplum. Nowadays, peplum have become an attraction among women especially for girls. This peplum are designed very colorful and suitable for women who is concerned about elegant but still muslimah appear. The peplum's price are not very expensive which is RM 70 each only. 

Losa Fashion also selling Skirt to women and girls who are love to wear to everywhere. We are selling Jeans Skirt and also Cotton Skirt which RM 70 each. 

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